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World Artist's feeling for Japan has become beautiful Art Books

Art Tailsは、世界中で活躍するクリエイターによる、収益全額寄付の東日本大震災復興支援チャリティー・アートブックアプリです。ブックリスト内で今後発売される作品集はどれも85円。売上はすべて、東日本大震災復興基金へ寄付されます。( ※ )





Welcome to Art Tails. We are a group of professional artists and creators related in different ways to the Japanese Tohoku area cities and communities who have joined together in an effort to help Tohoku in simple, yet creative ways.
As we all know Tohoku was the area hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and up to the present date is still in need for every possible assistance. We are also joined by a number of international writers, artists, creators, and entrepreneurs who would like to express their solidarity with the Japanese people through their own words and works. Our goal is to help with our art and creativity in directly supporting some of the projects specifically targeted to help the Tohoku communities and, more importantly, to help ensure their future viability. Please see the section "Contribution" for more information on the currently ongoing projects being targeted by Art Tails.

This project is a not-for-profit undertaking and it is completely funded and supported by volunteer's work. The project is still in its early stages therefore we look forward to its further and successful development through your warm support and cooperation.
All proceeds collected from the Art Tails initiative will be directly channeled towards the projects listed in section "Contribution".

App info - アプリについて

ipad-index2.jpgArt Tailsは、iTunes上で9月上旬より発売されております。
アプリは無料でダウンロードして頂き、アプリ内に収納されているサンプル数点をiPhone、iPad、iPod Touchにてご覧頂いたのち、85円でフル版(現在はvol.1に54点の作品が収納されております)をダウンロードして頂ける仕組みです。

Vol.1 - Message For Japan 1
Vol.1 - Message For Japan 2
Vol.1 - Message For Japan 3
Vol.4 - Image of Hope
Vol.5 - Snow Season Wishes
Vol.6 - Peace Card
Vol.7 - Breath of Life



As professional artists and creators we are channeling our creativity towards delivering a warmhearted yet determined statement of life and hope for the future of Japan. In this app project we show high quality artworks and creations together with our own private messages for all Japanese people. Through this app we also want to create a new bond, not only between Japanese and world artists, but more importantly between the artists themselves and all the app users out there who would like to do something for Japan.

※ 当アプリ、ウエブサイトに掲載されている作品画像の著作権はそれぞれの作家に帰属し、権利者の許可なく複製、転用等する事は法律で禁止されています。
All images and text are the exclusive copyright of their authors. Even though you are free to view and use them for your personal enjoyment, any use of the images and texts for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited without the explicit written consent of their authors.

About "Art Tails" 「アートテイルズ」という名前について


In our vision the word "Tail" symbolizes the link between all the Art Tails app users and the world artists that created the app. Also, its phonetic play with the word "Tales" represents, in our view, all the stories that the people of Tohoku will create during the long process of recovery and reconstruction. We believe that during this time many stories of hardship and survival will be created and written by many people. And we as creators would like to contribute with our own small but sincere messages to encourage and support this process.