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Art Tails Project. Guidelines for Contributed Works.

The things we need from you

1. Digital images of the works you would like to contribute

2. Texts:
· Title of your works
· Your message to the people of Tohoku affected by the disasters
· Other contributed texts in the case of book authors/writers

3. Your portrait photo

See details below.

Deadline, Where to send your works and texts

Vol.1 deadline:July 25 2011
(Release in the beginning of Aug. First Version)
Vol.2, Vol.3 deadline:August 10 2011※
Release in the beginning of Sep. First Update Version
Fortunately now we have reached our goal for the number of works for our App, so we have stopped accepting artworks from abroad for a while. We will inform you when we have the next plan for new compilations. Thank you again!

We will gladly still accept the works of those people who have already contacted us and let us know of their intention to participate.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1. Digital images of the works you would like to contribute

A. Number of works: 1~3.
That is a minimum of one and maximum of three works. All contributed works will be included in the released app.

B. Size and orientation of image data: Image sizes should be approximately 960 pixels by 640 pixels at 72dpi.
Since contributed works will be used as digital wallpaper for iPhone, iPad, and iPod devices we strongly recommend either portrait- or square-orientated images. If you are not sure about the actual sizes of your images please send us the biggest size possible. Bear in mind that this will be a high quality art book app thus we need a reasonable image resolution (very high resolutions are also not recommended because they can considerably slow down the app). A number of sample acceptable images are shown in the “Form” section of the project’s website (

C. Digital image format: Either jpeg or png formats are acceptable.

D. Contributed Content Types

We will be happy to accept your art works, illustrations, photographs, texts, or poems; in other words any works that can be presented and enjoyed within a graphical art book context.

We don’t require any specific themes or topics. You are free to choose your favorite picks from your current works or to make new works specifically for this project. Please bear in mind that the main purpose of this project is to help and heal people who have recently been through a lot of physical and emotional distress, therefore we suggest images and texts with a positive, forward looking message. If you are not sure about specific contents you would like to include please feel free to contact us anytime.

If possible, we would like to encourage contributing artists to avoid explicit disaster-related themes including blood and/or sea scenes. Please remember that people in Tohoku are still traumatized by the destructive power of the sea as manifested in the recently devastating tsunami.

· If you would like to include previously-published and/or commissioned works please make sure there are no copyright or ownership issues involved.

· We will upload your works images and text data to our Art Tails app and will also include thumbnail-sized copies of them in the artist list page of the Art Tails website. At some times your works might appear on the top page of the website as we introduce the app to potential users. If you have a problem with this please let us know beforehand.

· For authors/writers who would like to send us their texts and/or poems: We are planning to create nice-looking images with your words (e.g. we might like to combine a photograph with your words, or better-yet with your hand-written words). Let’s think about it together; we would like to have your direct feedback about the accompanying image for your works.

· The app will include the ability to export the artwork images to the user's camera roll. This is so that they can use the image as wallpaper if they so desire. This also means they will be able to email, store, or copy the image as well.

· We are asking for not very high-resolution data for two main reasons: so that app users cannot use print-quality images for their own purposes, and so that the image display is not heavy on the app's performance. In the cases we receive, perhaps by mistake, high-resolution images from contributing artists we will convert them to a maximum dimension resolution of 960 pixels.

· Only thumbnail-sized (original resolution) images will be ever displayed in the Art Tails project website.

2. Texts

shot-message.PNGA. Message text.
We are asking to please include a short personal message or thought for the people affected by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan. It can be an expression of your feelings or thoughts, or simply a message of hope and good wishes for the future. This message will be displayed, together with a short description of your profile, in the backside of each one your works in the Art Tails app. Since the Art Tails app will be released all over the world we will prefer if this text is in English so that many people can read and understand your message. However, we will happily accept messages written in your own language.

B. Title of your works.
Please include the title of each one of your contributed works. Use the title’s original language and, if possible, include an English translation for it.

C. Your profile.
Please include a short version of your career’s profile. Make sure to include
· Your main activity or activities.
· Your favorite or most remarkable works.
· Any published works and/or exhibitions.
· The city and country where you live
· The URL of your website or a link to the website where more of your works can be seen.
· Links (URLs if possible) for other relevant activities you would like to show.

Your profile and all your links will be uploaded to the Art Tails website.

3. Your portrait photo.

We are asking for your portrait-orientated photograph (either color or monochrome) to show in the Artists section of the website. A photo of about 800 pixels of height (72 dpi) is preferred, but if this is not available you might want to send us your portrait photo from your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you rather we don’t show your own picture you can send us a copyright-free image to display along your profile (but we really hope you will show your face!)

Sample App images



(天地約 50mm × 72mm)






(天地約 145mm × 200mm)






(天地約 200mm × 145mm)



(天地約 200mm × 145mm)


We will release an art book/wallpaper app called "Art Tails" on the iTunes Store at the beginning of August 2011, and will contribute all benefits from its sales to an NPO that is actively working to help the Tohoku area in Japan from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami disaster. We will also include detailed profile information about all participating artists in the project’s website ( We encourage you to check the details about the app and the profile information of the currently-registered artists.

All contributed works and texts copyrights stay with their original owners. Neither the Art Tails project nor any of its sponsors will ever claim any copyrights derived from contributed works.

About App

About the people we are asking to join the Art Tails project.

We are inviting illustrators, authors, children's book authors, photographers, designers, graphics artists, and many professional creators and entrepreneurs who sympathize with Japan and with the Art Tails’ project concept. If you know somebody who will be interested to join us, please let us know.

Artists List (Sample)